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Our Service

We supply on-line information on water, gas, electricity, telecommunications and municipal infrastructure networks.

What we Offer

On-line information about public utility networks
Water, gas, electricity, telecommunications and municipal networks
We cover more than
260,000 km of
pipes and cabling

Centralised Information

We cover all the networks in existence in the
chosen area of action.

Maximum Accessibility

From any device.

Plans in Digital Format

We supply plans in: AutoCad (DWG) and
MicroStation (DGN)


Simple, immediate download process.

Maximum Reliabilty

We supply the same information as the operators’ technial offices.

Additional Functions

Individual technical conditions for each operator.

Contacts of utility providers in the area marked.

Who We Work For

For Design Specialists

Engenieering companies, contrators, technical offices, site specialists and liberal professions (architecs, engineers, technical architects, surveyors, etc.).
  • We provide on-line information on the main utility networks.
  • Like this we help you tominimise industrial accidents and the risk off damage to pipes and cabling.
  • Wherever you need it: download the information on mobile devices on site, immediately before starting work that is urgent, unexpected or outside working hours, such as urgent repairs of faults, emergency service, etc.

For Public Institutions

    • We are a one-stop shop. We help institutions to find out about the different work planned in a particular area, enabling them to take advantage of synegies and reduce inconvenience to residents.
    • We sendautomatic notifications of possible impacts on networks they own.
    • We assist the emergency services
      (primarily the fire service) to locate at-risk infrastructures, such as live power lines and high-pressure gas pipes.
    • We simplify: : simplifying the job of inspection and monitoring departments and boosting their efficiency.
    • We help take maximum advantage of human, financial and technical resources.
    • We make it possible to plan, coordinate and share the drawing up of plans and the execution of work.

For society

Finally, all this benefits the public.
Because prior knowledge of the networks existing in the area where you are working makes all this possible:

Cutting the risk of industrial accidents.

Enhancing the safety of work in public streets.

Reducing the risk of damage to pipes and cabling.

Reducing interruptions in supplies o eletricity, water, gas and telecommunications.

Minimising inconvenience to the public.