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Technical Information

Symbols Used

In line with our policy of improving our service, our information files are downloaded with the official ETRS89 system of coordinates.

Bear this in mind when including the information in your project designs.

The sysmbols used by the owners of the networks to identify sizes, power voltages, types of piping/cabling, etc. are listed in the following files.

Symbols (pdf)

Autocad Viewer

To make it easier to our clients to view, handle and print the on-line files on piping and cabling that they download from our website, we offer the option of downloading the TrueView DWG VIEWER free from the Autodesk website:

At this address you can get the following information:
– AutoCad (DWG) viewer
– What’s new in this version of the Viewer
– Basic guide to using the viewer

Documentation necessary for institutions and students.

You can download all the documents you need to complete registration here: