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We are Inkolan

Showing the way

Who we are

We are a consortium set up by the majority of big public utility operators. Our job is to supply information on line via this platform.

Online information about water, gas, electricity, telecommunications and municipal infrastructure networks. This is what we provide at Inkolan.

Through this website you can access all the content from the “Client Area”.

We provide on-line information about public utility networks 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our Best Endorsement

We have the country’s most important eletricity, gas, telecommunications and water companies as well as an extensive network of local authorities, who make their information available through Inkolan.

They make full information available to us so that Inkolan can make it accessible in a simple, uniform way.

Inkolan in Figures


Over 45,000

downloads a year


Over 800

town halls associated


Over 15000

Major companies associated


Over 260,000 km

of piping and cabling

Where we work

Extensive coverage

Our area of action takes in all the Autonomous Communities in Spain.

to quality

Inkolan has implemented a quality system according to the ISO 9001:2008 standard. This certification is in line with our company’s philosophy, oriented towards quality in all its aspects and all the work the company does, in order to achieve maximum satisfaction for our clients.

Meeting all legally established requirements is another of the pillars of our quality policy.

Documentation: Quality Policy.